About Your Privacy

Personal Information Never Collected

We do not collect personal information from public users of this website. We intend this website to be a resource for the public, including litigants and other parties with special sensitivity to information privacy. As such, we expressly avoid gathering any personal information from individual users.

  • We do not track what individual users do on this website.
  • We do not make any effort to identify who individual users of this website might be.
  • We do not provide website usage information to vendors who construct personal information through the use of cookies or other tracking methods.

Aggregate, Anonymous Usage Information Collected

As a way of tracking aggregate website usage patterns, we collect aggregate and anonymous usage information using a privacy focused and open source analytics tool called Plausible. For details on what type of information is collected, and why it is helpful for us to have this information, see this explanation or take a look at the code to see for yourself how it works.